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TBD: The Movie

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Jul 20 '13

Check out all the story ideas submitted so far.

A quick update on the story for TBD: The Movie:

I’m making some executive decisions in regards to the story for TBD: The Movie, in the interests of keeping the process moving. 

  • TBD will DEFINITELY consist of multiple short stories linked by a connector story (anthology style).
  • Each story will be written by a different author. Sorry, no doubling up! This way we get a showcase of different ideas.
  • The goal will be to assemble the short stories into a feature length movie. If there aren’t enough stories or the run-time falls short, we will adjust our plan and simply release as much material as we can gather.
  • The movie will be decidedly science-fiction. Remember, that doesn’t negate elements of comedy, horror, romance, etc. In fact, I would prefer each story to have unique tone and perspective.
  • I will make the final decision for which stories to include in the final film. I’m sorry we can’t film them all - I want to focus our efforts on material that will be entertaining, powerful, and feasible to film.
  • I will also make the final decision for what the connector story will be. I have a few ideas of my own that we can resort to, but I’d love to get more story submissions in this area. How should we tie it all together?

Thanks for all your input everyone! I have not made these decisions in vacuum, that’s for sure.

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