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Jul 9 '14


A discount bus line is pulling out of New York city onto the highway in New Jersey. Seated by one of the windows is HARRIS SMITH, 38, short and stocky with broad shoulders, a little rough around the edges but reasonably good looking, and the very least, not especially bad looking. Harris is dressed simply but tastefully. Tired-eyed, he gazes blankly out the window of the bus at the road scrolling by. Outside the window, greenery whips by, blurred by motion.

- Scene 1 of The Braincrimes of Harris Smith, written by Harris Smith

DAILY REQUEST FOR ART #4 - Character Design

Harris Smith, the protagonist (and antagonist) of The Braincrimes of Harris Smith

Reward: Your choice: (1) RAD GRAB BAG LITE - anything from a SUPER RAD SWAG GRAB BAG that I can fit in a small priority mail box, shipped to your home address OR (2) a personalized thank-you video by Mr. Scradam

  • Self-Portraits and GIFs by Harris Smith
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